About Us

Our Story

Strangewerks is a NYC-based independent film production company that specializes in creating low-budget feature films in the horror and sci fi genres. From our humble studio in New York City, we are even now creating new terrors and wonders soon to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Muahahaha!

Our mission is to produce filmed entertainment that is fun as hell, first off, as well as bizarre and maybe challenging even. If we can kick the establishment in the family jewels while we are at it, so much the better— they deserve it!

In the future we want to bring together as many disparate artists, filmmakers and performers from the New York City area as possible, in order to create lots of crazy art; whether it’s short films protesting climate change, insane podcasts, features that melt your brain, or any one of a hundred other projects we have planned.

We believe in the rebel spirit of indie cinema and it’s ability to not only entertain, but to tell the truth, however much that stings. We believe in honest collaborations with other filmmakers and artists and enabling them to also shine in their respective efforts. We believe independent cinema can be stimulating, mind-expanding and crazy, all at the same times. We embrace restraints placed upon our company by working in the lower- budget arena and view this as a strength that forces us to make strong artistic choices, which are not constrained by commercial considerations. (i.e. we are independent and don’t have million dollar budgets!)

Join us as we explore the infinite possibilities of cinema unchained from mindless convention.