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What makes a good actors' reel?

As a film director, I understand the need for an actor to have a quality reel that showcases his or her abilities. Casting a feature film is a laborious task; For each role I can receive hundreds of headshots and resumes. How do I sort through them all? It usually comes down to the actor's reel. I cannot possibly meet with everyone and a headshot just does not give me enough information to truly consider someone for a part.



Your reel is the most important marketing tool that you have in terms of promoting yourself as an actor. Ideally, yours should be professionally edited and immediately grab the attention of casting directors and agents when they see it. It should showcase your abilities in the best possible light. In short, you want to stand above the competition.

How does the process work?

  • Provide us with your footage
  • Let us know which clips you like best
  • We’ll create a two to three minute demo reel that highlights your best moments in
    a captivating fashion —one that gives you the edge you need to land those gigs.


If you look good, we look good.

We know there are a lot of mediocre reels out there, because unfortunately we have seen them. As you can see from the examples above, we take pride in our work. We want you to have a reel that you love.


What if I don't have any/much work on film?

We know cinematographers and make-up artists and we would be happy to set up a video shoot. To move your career forward, there is nothing more important—after your headshot—than to have your acting captured on film. A good reel gets your foot in the door and an audition. A bad reel can keep that door closed.


Why should I choose Strangewerks Films to cut my reel?

We are part of the industry, so we know what works and what doesn't. We have directed and edited an internationally distributed feature film and have a second feature in post-production. Besides that, we live in Manhattan too. We know how expensive it is. That is why we want to take this opportunity to give back to the acting community by providing professional quality, affordable reels.



Actor Demo Reel: Pricing for Editing Existing Footage

Basic Reel


2 to 3 minutes,

including straight up scenes, edited back-to-back, with basic intro and outro graphics.

Includes up to 4 pieces of footage*, scan in of your
headshot and YouTube upload.

3 stars


Deluxe reel


2 to 3.5 minutes, includes

dynamic editing and music designed to grab the attention of producers and casting agents
(as seen in sample reel). Includes up to 9 pieces of footage**, scan of headshot and YouTube upload.

5 stars

*$20 for each additional piece of footage to be converted and edited.

**Total footage that runs over 20 hours will be quoted on a case by case basis.

A copy on DVD: $5 each.


Pricing for Shooting Scenes and Monologues


We create some of the best actor reels available to actors in the NYC area. If you need footage, we can video your acting monologue or television host audition. You need to act on camera. Make sure your acting reel gets you that callback.

Acting Scene, One scene, One actor: $330. Includes up to 2.5 hours of shooting plus editing, titles, color correction, scan in of your headshot, YouTube upload and 1 copy on DVD. Every scene includes basic set dressing, multiple camera angles and lighting setups. Final edit will be approximately 3 minutes.


Acting Scene, Two scenes, One actor: $577. Up to 4.5 hours of shooting.

Acting Scene, One scene, Two actors: $467. Up to 4 hours of shooting.

Acting Scene, Two scenes, Two actors: $715. Up to 6 hours of shooting.


More details about shooting a scene at Actorwerks.com


Custom written scene (add-on to Acting Scene): $45. 3 minute scene can be custom written for character type of your choice. 2 Rounds of changes.


Actors Slate: 2 to 3 minutes long, an actor's slate includes highlights from monologues of two scenes, allowing the actor to express a wide range of emotions on camera. $138 includes up to 2 hours of shooting, plus editing, titles, color correction, scan in of your headshot, upload to YouTube and 1 copy on DVD. See the video of Liz Meinders above for an example of the Actors Slate.


Additional Editing: $30/hour

On-Set Make-up Artist: $75 flat rate for up to 3 hours for one actor. $100 for 2 actors.

If you have any questions or would like to have your demo reel cut, please feel free to contact us at Brian@Strangewerksfilms.com

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