A scientist injects his wife with genetically altered stem cells, to save her life. When she becomes a shape-changing creature, he must find a cure for her.

Samantha and Hadrian Beckett seem to embody the perfect metropolitan couple—he’s a gifted genetic researcher and she’s a crusading social worker. Underneath it all however, their marriage is in turmoil.  Hadrian’s devotion to his work with human stem cells leaves his wife Samantha feeling ignored. Her dissatisfaction drives Hadrian into the arms of Chloe, an attractive co-worker and, when Sam finds out, she suffers a brain embolism. Desperate to save her, Hadrian develops transgenic stem cells that can theoretically heal any injury. Once Sam is injected, her recovery is immediate and miraculous—but at what cost? Sam begins to transform into the ultimate predatory lifeform, one that can physically adapt to any danger or kill anyone who stands in the way of her revenge on Chloe. Can Hadrian change Samantha back to the woman she once was? Or should he?

Lifeform is directed by Max Dementor, an upcoming director of horror entertainment whose previous feature work includes The Shriven. (Max may or may not be responsible for the creepy clown craze that is sweeping the nation. He refuses to answer as he is busy working on his next horror project—Smartphone Zombie Holocaust. )

Lifeform stars a cast of incredibly talented performers including Virginia Logan, Peter Alexandrou, Kate Britton, Ken Driesslein, Ree Merrill and Adam Cerny.

Running Time: 103 Minutes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated